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Marie Claire – May 2022

By Tuesday May 24th, 2022Marie Claire

A hand that touches part of the face, red lacquered nails, the same red as the mouth.

A sculpted beauty, enhanced by brightly colored details.

Antonietta Innocenti is the artist that the cosmetics company Elève has called to interpret the packaging of some of its special edition creams. Antonietta has a gallery in the historic center of Foligno (Perugia), adjacent to the studio where she works. He began his artistic career in the sixties and has had a multifaceted path: from figurative to humorous drawings – << when I’m sad they cheer me up >> – to posters for the cinema.

From the 2000s the pictorial discourse becomes bolder and more open and the cut of the figure becomes an essential element. They almost look like photographs in their perfection, with skilful light-shadow effects. << Most of the figures I paint have a cut, for example I like to enter into the detail of a face or a body that becomes abstraction. For me it is a goal to reach >>.

Élève Eternity Sculpting Youth and the range dedicated to the face. And if we can’t truly possess beauty forever, we have the opportunity to find it every day, even through one of Antonietta Innocenti’s intense female portraits, captured in a moment of eternity.

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